what is aadhar card and its benefits

Aadhar card is UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) established Jan 2009, under the Planning Commission of India.

  1. Aadhar Number is a 12 digit individual number issued by UIDAI on behalf of Gov. of India.
  2. Aaadhar card can be used as Identification or residential proof anywhere in India.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which is a central government body of India launched Aadhar card. The main aim creating Aadhar card is to collect of record of popular of Indian and their basic information. The Aadhar card is simply a white colour card having twelve digits unique identity number. It looks like a simple but it is a very important document which helps you to show your nationality and identity. On 28 January 2009, the government of India introduced Aadhar card and spend approx Rs. 6,678.32 crore for its creation and distribution among Indian citizen.

Now electronic Aadhar card or E Aadhar card is also introduced by the government of India in order to facilitate Indian citizen. The Unique Identification Authority of India is clearly mentioned in its announcement that both Eaadhar and Aadhar letter can be used as a valid identity and address proof. Hence we can use E-Aadhar card as an authentic document for any verified online document. On the basis of Information Technology act, electronic Aadhar card is digitally signed and using the certificate provided by NIC. All the details that are mention in electronic Aadhar card in same as the details mention in a hard copy of it. The E aadhar is a very helpful document and used to open many new government schemes such as Digital Locker, E-Sign framework , E-Hospital and much more.

Why you should have Aadhar Card?

  • It is your Identification number and can be accepted anywhere in India.
  • It can be used to get subsidy for your Gas Connection, benefits for Indian Goverment Yojana, Digital Locker, Monthly Pension, Provident Fund (PF), Opening new bank account, Passport etc.

Benefits of Electronic Aadhar Card or Eaadhar card

E-Aadhar is very important document,which can be used in day to day life. Some of the benefits of E- Aadhar card are :

With the help of E-Aadhar card, Indian citizen can get Mobile SIM, Electricity connection , LPG connection , Ration card etc.

By using E-Aadhar card number you can take the benefits of government schemes such as National Pension System , digital locker and much more.

People having E-Aadhar can enrol for passport very easily and can get it within 10 days.

Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation of India (EPFO) announced in July 2014, that they started connecting accounts of a provident fund with electronic Aadhar numbers in order to record true KYC details.

The government of India introduced National Electoral Roll Purification and Authentication Programme (NERPAP). The main objective of this committee is to associate Elector’s Photo Identity Card (EPIC) with the electronic Aadhar card number of the registered voter. The main purpose of this linkage is to build a voter identification system which can identify the valid voter and help in eradicating redundancy.

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