E aadhar Card – Unique Identification Number

Aadhar card, a unique E aadhar number is mentioned of every person which was previously known as Unique Identification Number (UID number) and card card was known as Unique Identification card (UID card) issued to be residents of India by  Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). The Aadhar card consists of unique 12 digit number as well as linked to demographics of each person with biometrics information like photograph, fingerprints and IRIS. Any age group, any gender can enroll for the Aadhar card. The most important thing is it’s free of cost service and valid as identity proof in all over India. Once you have generated the 12 digit Aadhar card number it will be valid up to life time. Facts related with E aadhar Card are:

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E Aadhar Card Specifications

  • Aadhar is a 12 digit unique number identification.
  • From infants to aged any group can make his/her identity through aadhar card.
  • Biometrics like finger print and IRIS detections not available in any other identity proof.
  •  Generates number not on the basis of any caste system.
  • Any government or private agency cannot access your information without your permission.
  • Individual card not like ration card.
  • Multiple Aadhar numbers are not allowed.

Worried about your aadhar Card not reached yet at your given address? E Aadhar is solution of your worry. After waiting a long time Union Identification Authority of India has launched Aadaar service. So you can easily download the Aadhar from internet easily.

aadhar Card TechnolOgy

In the official press release of Government of India, It was stated that the card is based on ‘Asymmetric Key Cryptography’ and ‘Symmetric Key Cryptography’ by which it is secure against duplicating or tempering.  Smart card technology is employed nad follows major specifications of International Standard Organization for Electronic Identification Cards (ISO/IEC 7816) and Smart Card Operating System Standard for Transport Application (SCOSTA).

According to technical specifications, a microprocessor of memory 16 KB is embedded in the card mainly for security purpose and for accessing to data on the card. The card can retain its data for at least 10 years.

On 26 April 2010 the logo for Aadhar was unveiled. The logo was selected after a nationwide competition among 2000 entries. It consists of a sun in yellow with fingerprint placed in the centre. It implies that Sun is universally known and the thumbprint because it can be easily understood by a poor man.

The finalized logo was composed by Atul Sudhakarrao Pande and he won prize money of Rs. 1 lakh for designed logo.

What is eaadhar?

Aadhar card is UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) established Jan 2009, under the Planning Commission of India.

adhar Number is a 12 digit individual number issued by UIDAI on behalf of Gov. of India.
Aadhar card can be used as Identification or residential proof anywhere in India.

How to Download e Aadhar Card

Follow the procedure listed at How to Download Aadhar Card

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